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With so many games out there that allow you to indulge in your wildest fantasies, the team here at Games Where You Can Be Gay was really surprised to see that so few of them allowed LGBT members to directly address what it is that they love most about interactive titles in the gay space. Today, I'm pleased as punch to be able to give you the low-down on what our portal is all about. Based on the name alone, you should have a pretty good idea of what Games Where You Can Be Gay has to bring to the table: we love hooking you up with the future of interactive XXX fun where the name of the game is for you to cum and enjoy the finest gay entertainment possible. This is all about a choose your own adventure environment where you can indulge in your wildest fantasies. Autonomy is also a big part of the space and you're going to love the amount of control we give to you – so, with that in mind, let's explore Games Where You Can Be Gay and why you might want to sign up here!

Advanced sex simulators

Our technology when it comes to the type of sex that you can engage in here on Games Where You Can Be Gay is pretty damn incredible: we know that you've probably looked all over the Internet for titles that are actually enjoyable and give you some level of control of what happens: this is exactly the focus of Games Where You Can Be Gay and what we have going forward. Drawing on our experience from mainstream game production, we have what we consider to be the finest sex emulation engine in the world. This is what you can expect to find inside: delicious, hardcore fucking where you call the shots and decide exactly what happens. We've seen this type of production work all over the place and you better believe that our application of this type of media to gay content is second to none. There's a huge level of demand for work in this space and we're confident that you're going to witness the benefits of this production approach like no other. So yeah, long story short – if you like being able to direct a gay fucking session, Games Where You Can Be Gay has you covered with our exclusive engine environment.

Browser based access

In order to play all of our 37 games (we add a new one around once every 7 weeks at our current schedule), all you have to have is a web browser. Given the fact that you're reading this right now, there's a good chance that you'll have no issues with this approach – we think that the future of gay gaming online is very quickly going to pivot into making sure that you're able to enjoy the type of gay gaming entertainment we've got available and, second to that, do so for free. A lot of great mainstream titles have shown that they're capable of nailing this type of approach and we're looking forward to hooking you up with the future that you want in this type of domain. People are signing up in droves to take advantage of this environment – you'll quickly witness the strength and power of gay gaming in the browser and just how fantastic it is to be able to jump instantly into the action without any bullshit or nonsense. This also allows our friends on Mac and Linux devices to play with ease – as well as the gamers out there that like to use their mobile phones!

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Look: this type of project really sells itself, so given the fact that you can sign up for free and give it a test drive with very little issue, I think it's probably best for you to bite the bullet and see what's going on with your own two eyes. We're convinced you're going to have an absolute blast, so come see what Games Where You Can Be Gay is all about and witness for yourself the future of adult gaming. This is what great porn gaming is all about – try it now and enjoy the best gay archive of interactive releases online!

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